This project will shut down in ist current form.
Learn more here: Our future within the WoltLab ecosystem

The sale of this product has been stopped at Apr 1st 2023, 12:00 am.

Extend the functionality of your KittMedia Shop with the power of a package server to allow your customers to automatically update their purchased products via administration control panel in their WoltLab Suite.

The package server can automatically detect all needed information to add your package to the correct package server so that an update can be run smoothly – even or guest orders.

There can be multiple API versions configured to match you needs. Currently supported:

  • WoltLab® Community Framework™ 2.1 (Typhoon)
  • WoltLab® Suite Core 3.0 (Vortex)
  • WoltLab® Suite Core 3.1 (Tornado)
  • WoltLab® Suite Core 5.2 (Hurricane)
  • WoltLab® Suite Core 5.3
  • WoltLab® Suite Core 5.4

Selling an application? No problem! Even if the product file is a ZIP file with both an update and a standalone installation, the KittMedia Shop – Package Server is able to detect the update package (in the subfolder “update”) so that you can serve both new and regular customers.

The full integration of the KittMedia Shop – Package Server also allows logging all successful downloads so that you can track if a customer/user already has updated its WoltLab Suite.


WoltLab Suite Core 5.4

WoltLab Suite Core 5.3

WoltLab Suite Core 5.2

WoltLab Suite Core 3.1

WoltLab Suite Core 3.0

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