Extend your WoltLab Suite with a lightweight tool to measure the popularity of your project by collecting the site visits. KittMedia Visit Statistics doesn’t track your users and doesn’t use any tracking mechanism. It is privacy-friendly by design and neither needs a privacy policy text.

An interactive chart displays your site visits over time and comes with the most important statistics for today’s, yesterday’s and total visits. Besides it provides a list with the most visited pages.

Data Privacy

KittMedia Visit Statistics doesn’t process or store any personal data of you users, unlike the most statistic services such as Google Analytics and Matomo (Piwik).

Besides the visited URL and its title, only the timestamp of the request, a boolean for whether the visitor is registered or a guest, the language and the ID and the object ID of the visited page is stored in the database.

Never is or will data be sent to us or any third party.

Due to this mechanism, KittMedia Visit Statistics is 100 % GDPR compliant without needing any consent of the user or the need to extend your privacy policy.

Data that isn’t tracked

Some requests are not getting tracked by the plugin. Besides visits of pages the user is not allowed to visit (HTTP error 403) or that are not available (HTTP error 404), invalid requests, requests from spiders or any request to AJAX actions, attachments, media or background actions are ignored.

Additionally, you can disable tracking for certain user groups in the user group settings.

If a user opens a conversation, its title and URL are replaced before KittMedia Visit Statistics stores the data in the database.

In short

Visit the statistics in your administration control panel under Management > Statistics > Visitor Statistics.

Exclude user groups in your user group settings under General Permissions > User Profiles > Exclude requests from visitor statistics.

You can also add a box via Content > Boxes called “Visits” to the frontend, which displays general statistics.


WoltLab Suite Core 5.5

WoltLab Suite Core 5.4

WoltLab Suite Core 5.3

WoltLab Suite Core 5.2

WoltLab Suite Core 3.1

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