Connect you WoltLab Suite to the powerful Sentry error logging service. This allows you to get notified in various ways if an error in you WoltLab Suite occurs and to track the issue from occurrence until it has been resolved. You can either use your self-hosted Sentry or a cloud-hosted one, e. g. from

What is Sentry?

Sentry is a service (either in the cloud- or self-hosted) to monitor and track issues inside software. You get an overview of all issues in one place and are able to get (external) developers access to monitored issues without giving them access to your whole website.

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How to start?

  1. Create a project in your Sentry instance for your WoltLab Suite.
  2. Install the plugin.
  3. Go to Configuration > Options > General > Sentry and enter at least your DSN.
  4. Change the other fields to your liking.
  5. You’re done! Start monitoring your issues.


WoltLab Suite Core 5.4

WoltLab Suite Core 5.3

WoltLab Suite Core 5.2

WoltLab Suite Core 3.1

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