With this free product from KittMedia you can offer your community (based on WoltLab Community Framework or WoltLab Suite Core) direct contact with the team.

Release Notes:

  • Up to and including version 1.0.2 this product ships a dashboard box. Therefore, these versions are only suitable for installations that use WoltLab Community Framework (WCF) 2.x as a base.

    • The dashboard box provides separate settings under [tt]System -> Options -> Dashboard -> Sidebar[/ tt].
  • Starting with version 2.0.x, a box for the box system introduced in WoltLab Suite Core 3.0 will be delivered.

    • The options from the 1.0.x series are no longer available, as the box now takes care of the user group option [tt]Display members on team page[/ tt]. It is no longer possible to change the display of the online / offline status because the display is now permanent.
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