Team Box (Team Dashboard Box) 2.0.0

With this free product from KittMedia you will offer your community a direct access to your team members.

With this free product from KittMedia you can offer your community (based on WoltLab Community Framework or WoltLab Suite Core) direct contact with the team.

Release Notes:
  • Up to and including version 1.0.2 this product ships a dashboard box. Therefore, these versions are only suitable for installations that use WoltLab Community Framework (WCF) 2.x as a base.
    • The dashboard box provides separate settings under [tt]System -> Options -> Dashboard -> Sidebar[/ tt].
  • Starting with version 2.0.x, a box for the box system introduced in WoltLab Suite Core 3.0 will be delivered.
    • The options from the 1.0.x series are no longer available, as the box now takes care of the user group option [tt]Display members on team page[/ tt]. It is no longer possible to change the display of the online / offline status because the display is now permanent.
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