This project will shut down in ist current form.
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The sale of this product has been stopped at Apr 1st 2023, 12:00 am.

The KittMedia Shop is a conversion optimized and very modern shop system with everything you need to publish digital products. It is scalable to be used with as many products as you with and comes along with WoltLab Community Framework, which is easily customizable, and many great features listed below.


WoltLab Suite Core 5.4

WoltLab Suite Core 5.3

WoltLab Suite Core 5.2

WoltLab Suite Core 3.1

WoltLab Suite Core 3.0

WoltLab Community Framework 2.1

General Features

Easy checkout
One of the most important features of a shop system is providing an easy checkout. We worked hard to provide a way a user can easily purchase products inside the KittMedia Shop.
From the cart you have to register/login, set the payment method and check one checkbox before you can click on “Order and Pay” to send the order successfully. That’s it!

User friendly Customer Area
A customer can easily access his or her personal data, all invoices and licenses. He can download products from the customer area or from the product page itself. This great user experience lets the user visit your shop more often.

Calculation of Tax
If you live inside the EU you have to add some TAX depending on the country the customer is living. With the KittMedia Shop everything works automatically on this side. It automatically tries to detect the country of the customer (he is also able to change this) and adds the correct TAX amount.

Search Engine Optimization
We took high attention on optimizing the KittMedia Shop for search engines, too. Structured data provide an easy way to place information about the own products (e. g. the price) directly in the search list. This and many other improvements let people easily find your shop in search engines.

Payment Methods
Based on an open API system you can use nearly every payment type you want to. Already integrated is Bank Transfer and as an additional package you can purchase a PayPal plugin to support the most used online payment method as well.

Dashboard Boxes
To let visitors know that you’re selling products you can use dashboard boxes to highlight products or show generic boxes with the newest, the highest rated, the most downloaded or simply the best products.

Product Features

Multilingual products
Add products in every language you want. The only thing you have to add your desired language(s) to your Community Framework installation.

The KittMedia Shop is a version based shop system, which means that you give every product file a version number. If you update your product and bump the version number you can also add a changelog and select if this version is only accessible with an active update license.

Download Protocol
For every product and every product version you can see which user downloaded it which time and event the version he downloaded and the license he downloaded the product with. So you get an overview of the download times of every user.

Additional Options and Services
You can set additional options and services with a title, a description and a price to be able to provide additional purchasable product options. This way you can add an installation service, branding free license and so on …

Free Products
In general the KittMedia Shop is a great download area. Thus you can also provide free downloads no user has to pay for. However, except of the payment management it benefits from all other features like the Download Protocol or the Licensing Terms Management and the Versions.

Products without file
You can add products without having a product file the same way as regular products. This way you can also promote this product even if it is not purchasable within the KittMedia Shop.

Management Features

Customer Management
An easy interface allows to you easily manage your customers. You can list all of them with their most important data or access the detailed customer page, which shows every data including an extensive statistics area.

Invoice Management
An intuitive user interface allows you to easily manage your invoices. Mark them as payed or cancel them with two clicks, open the protocol of a payment of show which products have been purchased during an order.
You can also access every invoice by just clicking a download button on an invoice. As easy as possible.

License Management
See all available licenses, disable them or generate new serial numbers, show the available update accesses and which version a license includes. Besides the product name, this is all you can see in just one area. Additionally you can access every deposited domain of a license from here.

Licensing Terms Management
By having different products it may happen that you also have different licensing terms. Inside the KittMedia Shop you have the possibility to manage all available licensing terms by yourself and your team. Thus you have to add own licenses just once and can use it for every product you want to.

Administrative features

User (Group) Permissions
Known from WoltLab Community Framework you have many permissions to set for individual users or user groups to allow certain people to create and sell own products or to help you in the customer management.

Many Settings
More than 25 general settings allow you to create a unique user experience of your shop. Settings start with a minimum and a maximum price and even allow you to notify users about pending payments.
Hint: You can test all settings in our demo system.

Manage Categories, Payment Countries and Terms and Conditions
You can set an unlimited amount of categories and benefit from the user (group) permissions even there. Additionally you can manage all countries to set a VAT value. Terms and Conditions are important for a legal shop system.
Additionally you can see all available (installed) payment methods and manage needed data for them.

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