Inspire your users with a design, which contains perfectly harmonized colores and an own font family as a unique feature. The sidebar, which is seamless integrated, contains the several menus and makes the design something special.

Modern animations with CSS3 provide a comfortable usage of your website and are nice for the eyes! At the same time the content still stays present through the comfortable color selection and good readable.

Further features

The design provides you and your users the newest techniques in modern web design. This guarantees your website to make a good figure, look fine and to persist against your competitors!

Validity is important. Especially search engines punish invalid websites. By creating this design we payed much attention to guarantee a fully validity by using the product and thus - as a nice side effect - to build a unity with other software parts inside of Community Framework.

For this reason our product fits perfectly your website and provides your users a unique user experience because the complete structure of the website is the same.

You can watch a preview of the design in our preview forum:

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