You want a high quality application for your internet presence? Than you need our first application for WoltLab Community Framework 2!
Its name is KittMedia Portal and is an easy to use portal for Community Framework 2.

Share your articles to your audience without any effort. It does not care if it is an article with one or multiple sites. It is that easy to create multiple sections in one article and with drag'n'drop it is easy to sort them, too. It never was so simple to create and publish extensive articles.

You publish extensive articles with other users? No problem! KittMedia Productions Portal provides the possibility to add multiple users as writers to every article. Besides this every author may add author informations about himself, which are displayed under every article from him.

Let your community rate your articles with the like system of Community Framework 2 and get feedback in form of comments. Even guest writer have the possibilty to use your portal through using the moderative feature to make articles visible only after enabling them (if set).

Further features

Validity is important. Especially search engines punish invalid websites. By creating this design we payed much attention to guarantee a fully validity by using the product and thus - as a nice side effect - to build a unity with other software parts inside of Community Framework.

For this reason our product fits perfectly your website and provides your users a unique user experience because the complete structure of the website is the same.

You can watch a preview of the portal in our preview forum:

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