With the Slider Box 2 you have an easy but even a large and modern tool to provide your users additional content in the simpliest way. You can not just use the user panel with all its management functions but you have also additional space to show more content with the Slider Box 2.

Use the possibility to set the position of the Slider Box 2 as you with. It does not care if you want it on top, on bottom, on the left or on the right, everything is possible. Through the responsive design the content in your Slider Box 2 fits the screen and resolution of every device.

Easy useable menus in the administration provide the possibility for an easy and fast handling to create content with support of multiple languages, HTML and template code. Furthermore you have an influence how the Slider Box 2 slides in and out.

So it is possible to personalize your website without having deep knowledge in programming or design.

This package includes integration files for the following applications:
- WoltLab Blog - com.kittmedia.blog.sliderbox
- Tim's Chat - com.kittmedia.chat.sliderbox
- WoltLab Filebase - com.kittmedia.filebase.sliderbox
- KittMedia Productions Portal - com.kittmedia.kpp.sliderbox
- KittMedia Productions Produktshop - com.kittmedia.kpps.sliderbox
- Viecode Lexikon - com.kittmedia.lexicon.sliderbox
- Codequake Linkliste - com.kittmedia.linklist.sliderbox
- Ultimate CMS - com.kittmedia.ultimate.sliderbox
- WoltLab Burning Board - com.kittmedia.wbb.sliderbox
- WCF Solutions Infinite Filebase - com.kittmedia.wsif.sliderbox

Further features

Validity is important. Especially search engines punish invalid websites. By creating this design we payed much attention to guarantee a fully validity by using the product and thus - as a nice side effect - to build a unity with other software parts inside of Community Framework.

For this reason our product fits perfectly your website and provides your users a unique user experience because the complete structure of the website is the same.

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