Compatibility: Community Framework 2.0/Burning Board 4.0

You take your and the privacy of your users seriously but do not want to surrender social media on your website? Then the Social Share Privacy is exactly the best for you and your community.

Modeled on the project from the year 2011 this product from KittMedia Productions provides the possibility to integrate the social networks "Facebook", "Google Plus" and "Twitter" in your website privacy friendly. Your data will not be delivered to any service provider before you click on a specific button. So your users can control where and to whom their data will be send.

We do not use only newest Web 2.0 techniques through a glueless integration into Community Framework 2 but also some interesting settings. Furthermore our different activation methods will be only saved on your server and no cookies or something on the computers of your users. There is simply no better way!

An additional dashboard box provides the possibility to use the Social Share Privacy on any available page in the sidebar. And if you want to add the share buttons on another site you can do this by entering a single line inside the desired templates. Administrator friendliness on the highest level!

By using LESS in combination of Font Awesome you have the possibility to change the design to your withes. There are many aspects possible by just changing LESS/CSS code. A joy for every designer!

Further Features

The product provides you and your users the newest techniques in modern web development. This guarantees your website to make a good figure, look fine and to persist against your competitors!

Validity is important. Especially search engines punish invalid websites. By creating this product we payed much attention to guarantee a fully validity by using it and thus - as a nice side effect - to build a unity with other software parts inside of Community Framework.

For this reasons our product fits perfectly your website and provides your users a unique user experience because the complete structure of the website is the same.

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