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§ 1 - Coverage

1.1 The following licensing terms apply to all contracts of purchase of KittMedia on the website and all additional and optional licenses. Different licenses aren't valid, except the Branding Free License.
1.2 Only these clauses are valid. Verbal supplements or other business conditions are yet excepted. Changes in written form with KittMedia are possible.
1.3 You accept and have to follow these licensing terms with the purchase, the download and the use of the product.
1.4 KittMedia is not responsible for content of third party.

§ 2 - Licensing Range

2.1 KittMedia grants a non-exclusive, unlimited right to use the purchased product for an unlimited period of time.
2.2 The purchased product is only licensed for your person and the only person who may use it.2.3 You may use the one copy of the purchased product per license. Per license, you may install and use the product on one (1) server. One further test installation is allowed if the customer is the only person who has access to this test installation.
2.4 Content, which is subject of another license stays untouched from this license.

§ 3 - Copy

3.1 You may not copy or rerelease the product, except you have to for the reason of installing it as described in § 2. Especially changes, which are permitted in § 4, may not be rereleased or copied.
3.2 One public installation is allowed per license.

§ 4 - Modification
4.1 You may do any modification on the product without any permission by KittMedia to adapt it to your graphical desires.
4.2 Copyright notations and other characters of the product, particularly visible copyright links, may not be changed, deleted or garbled.
4.3 You can cancel term § 4.2 through a purchase of a Branding Free License.

§ 5 - Liability

5.1 KittMedia is not liable for possible damage, errors, data loss or something near that, which could be occur through the use of the product.

§ 6 - Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

6.1 The legislation of the federal republic of Germany is valid for all privity of contract of these licensing terms to the exclusion of the CISG.
6.2 If you are merchant in terms of code of commerce or a judicial person of the public law or the legal entity under public law, Schorndorf is jurisdiction for all conflicts of this licensing terms.

§ 7 - Protective Clause

7.1 If some of the stipulations of this agreement become ineffective or unfeasible the contractual parties are bound to replace the ineffective or unfeasible stipulations by other effective and feasible stipulations which, from the point of view of business success, come close to the ineffective and unfeasible stipulations to such an extent that it is reasonable to suppose that the contractual parties would conclude the agreement even with this clause. If such a provision cannot be found, the ineffectiveness or unfeasibility of one or more of contractual stipulations do not change the validity of this agreement as a whole unless the ineffective or unfeasible stipulations have such a substantial significance for the agreement that it is reasonable to suppose that the contractual parties would not conclude the agreement without these ineffective or unfeasible stipulations. Similar condition is valid for the existence.
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