We collect, save and use personal data according to the prescriptions of the German Data Protection Act. Your data will not be published or transferred to third parties. In this declaration we want to inform you, which data will be used for which purpose and which rights you have.

Responsible for data protection:
Breitschwertstraße 21
70378 Stuttgart

Responsible person: Matthias Kittsteiner

  1. Data acquisition and data handling on this internet site

    The software on our server automatically creates data, which are send by your browser. It is a matter of these data:

    • IP address of the requested system
    • Date and time of the request
    • Type and version of your browser and operating system
    • Website, which refers to us
    • Name of the URL you've requested
    • Name of your internet provider

    We collect these data to provide full functionality on our website, a high system security and to generally optimize our website.

    We safe and use these data in anonymized form, which means: They cannot be assigned to any person.

  2. Registering on our websites

    Even if you registered on our websites the data mentioned above will be collected anonym. They will be assigned to a temporary session to guarantee the functionality. These session data will be automatically and completely deleted after 30 minutes of your last request. The assignment to your person is no more possible after that and even is not the case before that time. For the registration we need a username, a password and your email address.

  3. Personal data collection and handling

    Name, address, phone number, email address and other personal data will be collected only if you tell them us voluntary. These data will be assigned to your customer account to manage your invoice, the support and your purchase processing. For these activities the following personal data will be collected and used:

    • Email address
    • Username
    • First and last name
    • Your complete address
    • Payment data (while concluding an agreement)

  4. Cookies

    We use cookies for our websites to improve the user experience. In these cookies session data will be saved to identify you as the same user.

    You are able to visit our websites without accepting cookies. However, the most browsers automatically accept cookies and save them. To disable the saving of cookies you have to set the specific option in your browser settings. If you don't accept cookies the function of our websites may be compromised.

  5. Using of your email address

    We use your email address to succeed your registration with an email confirmation and to inform you about your invoices.

    In case of a purchase in our shop you receive an email for your fulfillment confirmation, your account data (on first purchase), your invoice and an information as soon as your order has been purchased successfully.

  6. Transfer of data

    The privacy of your data is protected at any time. A transfer, a disposal or any other transmission of your personal data to third parties without your explicit is impossible.

    In case of a purchase via PayPal all needed data will be send to the services of PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., which includes the following personal data:

    • Email address
    • Language

    On a successful payment we receive the following personal data from PayPal:

    • First and last name
    • Email address of your PayPal account
    • Country

  7. Links to websites of other provider

    Our websites may provide links to websites of other provides. We advise you that this privacy policy only applies to websites of KittMedia. We have no influence and do not control that other provides observe the applicable privacy policy.

  8. Right to be informed, access, correction, locking, deleting, withdrawal and sharing of data

    Due to the Federal data protection law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) you have the right to free information about your stored data at any time as well as the right to correct, lock or delete these data. Please contact: webmaster+privacy@kittmedia.com

    Customer data will be stored as long as your license is valid. If you let us delete your license we have to store your personal data for 10 years starting at this moment. After that time they will be deleted.

    If you think that your data will be handled by no applied legal rule you have the right to make a complaint at an inspecting authority.

    In case of a withdrawal the legal collection and handling of your data until this point will stay untouched.