This project will shut down in ist current form.
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  • Matthias Kittsteiner
    • Birthday: October 27, 1991
    • Job: Web developer/Web designer
    • Education: Media Design Digital and Print (Germany)
    • Nickname: Matze

    Matthias started creating own web designs in 2004 and made first steps in web development three years later. Thus he already has a huge knowledge base to access. Also 2007 he started to administrate his first own server with Debian. He finished his education as media designer in digital and print successfully and delves into both web design and web development.

  • Dennis Kraffczyk
    • Birthday: June 4, 1992
    • Job: Computer Science Expert
    • Education: Computer Science Expert (system integration)

    Back in 2005, Dennis gained some experience in programming based on Visual Basic and Borland C++. Starting in 2008, he became interested in web-based applications. He has adapted himself the knowledge of development. He is a state-certified computer scientist in the direction of system integration, but is also deepened in the direction application development, where he has now found his career.